Welcome to the Goshen County Library

Welcome to Goshen County Library. We have been serving the citizens of Goshen County for nearly 100 years. You will find a wide range of materials for children and adults. We carry books in print, audio books, e-books, several magazine subscriptions, and local and national newspapers. We have computers for public use, wi-fi is available within the building, and printing services from your phone, laptop or tablet.

How to install Libby App on Amazon Fire Tablet

Installing the free Libby Library Reading app on an Amazon Fire Tablet requires a bit of special effort. Because Amazon would like you to purchase and download books from them, the Libby app is not found in the Amazon app store. Instead you need to open your Silk Browser and go to goodereader.com" View the video below for instruction for finding and installing the Libby Library App on an Amazon Fire tablet.

Setting up your Libby account using your Goshen County Library Card

1. After the app is installed tap the "Open" button
2. On the next screen you will be asked "Do you have a Library Card?" Tap "YES, but be sure to have your card handy.
3. Tap the ""Search for a Library" button
4. On the next screen you want to type in ""GOSHEN COUNTY" Do not type Torrington.
You should see a "Virtual Library of Wyoming" button appear. Tap it.
5. Look for the "Sign In with My Card" button. Tap it.
6. Select Goshen County Library from the list.
7. Enter the 15 digit card number below the bar code on the back of your library card.
8. Enter you PIN. It should be "WYLD. (try all capitol letters first) Tap the "Go" button.
9. You will see a picture of a card with your number, just tap the "Next" button.
10. If you have a "KINDLE READER" device you can send book to it by tapping "Read with Kindle." If you are just going to read on your Amazon Fire tablet, press the "SKIP" button.

You now have your tablet connected to the Wyoming Library System and you can checkout books, audio-books and magazines to read on your tablet. If you need help using the app stop by the library and we can show you how it works.

Favorite Author Quote for the Moment

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai