Welcome to the Goshen County Library

Welcome to Goshen County Library. We have been serving the citizens of Goshen County for nearly 100 years. You will find a wide range of materials for children and adults. We carry books in print, audio books, e-books, several magazine subscriptions, and local and national newspapers. We have computers for public use, wi-fi is available within the building, and printing services from your phone, laptop or tablet.

Literary Happy Hour Reading Suggestions

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny Lawson
Hilarious memoir of her growing up and early marriage in Texas. Her stories are those totally embarrassing, and yet very human, moments the rest of us would try to forget and never discuss. If you want a book that will make you laugh out loud, this is it!

Available in book form at the Goshen County Library, or as an ebook or audio-book through Libby or Cloud LIbrary.

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

Half the Sky talks about oppression of women around the world and argues that it is the biggest challenge we face. The content is tough – sex trafficking, forced prostitution, material health; and, the stories and statistics are very sobering. If you can handle the hard ugly truth about how women are treated in the world, with some solutions and hopefulness, this is a great choice.

Available in book form at the Goshen County Library, or as an ebook through Libby.

The Last Year of the War, Susan Meissner
This novel deals with the internment of Japanese and Germans during WWII. Elise and Mariko meet at a camp in Texas and then are separated when Elise’s family is sent back to Germany. The story is part of American history that is not often discussed or taught. This is not Meissner’s best book, but the subject matter makes it worth the read. If you like war stories, romance, long-lost friends, and a new look at a piece of history, The Last Year of the War is for you. (You might also like Meissner’s, A Fall of Marigolds.)

Available in book form at the Goshen County Library, ebook or audio-book through Libby or Cloud Library.

Seven Sisters Series, Lucinda Riley
This series is loosely based on the mythology of the Pleiades ('The Seven Sisters') constellation. Each sister was adopted from a different place around the world and their adoptive father leaves them the geographic coordinates to begin their search for their birth stories. Each book centers around one sister and uses the dual story lines of past and present and, at the same time, the interplay among the sisters is a through line in the series. If you are ready for a good, engrossing series, this is the series for you.

We recommend reading these in order!.

Available in book form at the Goshen County Library, ebook or audio-book through Libby or Cloud Library.

Self-check @ the Library

Finley Marsh, son of Britt and Brenna Marsh of Torrington, checking out a book at the new self check out station at the Library.

Goshen County Library has a new self-check out station. With self-check, patrons can quickly and easily check out books from the library and be on their way.

According to Library Director Cristine Braddy, “Self-check is fast - you can check out a book and be ready to go in less than one minute. It’s easy - just scan your library card, scan your book’s bar code, and you’re done. And, it’s convenient - no more waiting in line to check-out books. Plus you can renew books from the self-check machine (even if you don’t have the book with you) and check the status of your account.”

The Library will still have a staffed check out station, as it always has. “But, we really want to encourage patrons to try the self-check out,” says Braddy. “I think they’ll be surprised at how quick and easy it is.”

Library Facelift

The Library is getting a new coat of paint, new carpet, and more in a much-anticipated “facelift” project this spring. “We are excited to see the finished project after several months of planning,” shared Library Board President Ellen Creagar. “In addition to a new children’s space, the Library will have charging stations for laptops and phones, seating areas for reading and relaxing, and a teen space with seating, charging stations and the young adult book collection.”

“We enlisted the help of several members of the community who designed a really thoughtful space for children, including a new children’s room with space for creative play, a Lego and maker space table and an interactive wall panel,” commented Creagar. “Cathy Marsh headed up this committee and has been instrumental in re-designing the space for children.”

According to Library Director Cristine Braddy, “Creating a new physical look in the Library reflects our patron-first approach. The new children’s space will be perfect for parents to come with their children to play, read and enjoy time together.”

Work in the Library will begin in mid-March and the Library will be closed April 4, and April 6-11, for the safety of staff and patrons. Patrons should come in and check out the materials prior to April 4. Patrons are also encouraged to use the digital apps for audio and digital books and movies. Call or visit the Library for assistance with those.

“We hope people will excuse the mess and be patient with us for the next month or so. It will be worth it!” concluded Braddy.

Favorite Author Quote for the Moment

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai